On June 25th, the Tragic Hero Tour made a stop at the Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia. The Dead Rabbitts were headlining, with Set To Stun and Northern Ghost opening the tour. Unfortunately, Set To Stun was unable to make it to this date. Local bands Vilified, Half Past Dead, and Within Echoes also performed that night.

Northern Ghost put on a highly energetic show. They spent all 25 minutes that they were on stage moving around. This is the band’s first tour. Their debut record, Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal, is coming out on July 7th, but they have already released some singles off of it, one of which can be found here. Even with a pretty short set, Northern Ghost still seemed to gain many new fans that night.


Northern Ghost Pictures

The Dead Rabbitts opened their set with “Dead Again,” off of their new album, This Emptiness. I hadn’t seen this band in close to three years, but they’re still one of my favorite bands to watch live. Their previous album, Shapeshifter, turned three years old recently, and they played quite a few songs off of it, including “My Only Regret,” “Shapeshifter,” and “Bats In The Belfry.” They also did a cover of Blessthefall’s “Higinia”. Overall, the set seemed short and fast, lasting only about 45 minutes. After playing “This Emptiness,” The Dead Rabbitts left the stage, only to come back for an encore of “Deer In The Headlights,” which is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Even though I really wished that they had a longer set, I was still happy that I finally got to see one of my favorite bands again.


The Dead Rabbitts Pictures


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