Assuming We Survive came to The Broadberry in Richmond, Virginia, on June 18th, Father’s Day. They’ve spent the last few weeks on the road with Icon For Hire. Also opening the show was October Sky and local band The Second After.

Assuming We Survive opened their set with “Catch 22.” Immediately, lead singer Adrian Estrella got the crowd involved, grabbing glasses and cat ear headbands off of fans and wearing them for a few minutes. Even though they said that this was their most quiet show in weeks, the band didn’t let that stop them, performing with a ton of energy during their time on stage. Their set included songs such as “18 Days,” “I’m Yours,” and “Down.” The band saw the lead singer of local band, The Second After, in the crowd, and pulled him on stage, saying how much they liked his band. During “Next To Me”, the venue lights went down and the room was lit up by lighters and cell phone flashlights in the audience. Assuming We Survive dedicated this song to all of the dads in the room, making the only reference that night to the holiday. Towards the end of the set, Estrella got off the stage and sang a bit in the crowd, in order to get everybody pumped up even more. The set ended with “No Fairy Tale,” which got all of their fans to sing along.



Assuming We Survive Pictures


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