Another Lost Year and Never Say Die at the Dawg House

Another Lost Year and Never Say Die at the Dawg House

Saturday, April 1st was the last night of Another Lost Year and Never Say Die’s tour. After over two months, it was finally wrapping up at the Dawg House in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Local bands Spider Rockets and Ignite the Fire opened up the show.

Both of the local bands played for about a half hour each. Spider Rockets’ set included an awesome guitar solo. They ended with “Sick,” one of their newer songs. Ignite the Fire got the crowd to get up close to the stage and jump around. Their set included a cover of Breaking Benjamin’s “Blow Me Away.”


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Never Say Die began their set with “Since You’ve Gone Away,” the first song off of their debut album, Destroy + Rebuild, which was released in January. Next they played “Numb,” then “Automatic,” one of the first songs that was released off of the album. Next was a cover of My Darkest Days’ “Every Lie.” Lead singer Reid Henry and bassist Brendan McMillan were both in My Darkest Days, until that band broke up a few years ago. Another Lost Year’s lead singer, Clinton Cunanan, came out to sing on this song. The band made sure to mention that this was the last night of the tour, as well as April Fool’s Day, so they were unsure as to what to expect in terms of pranks. The band only had about 45 minutes to perform, so they performed a few more songs off of their album, including “Like A Nightmare,” their current single that is being played on radio stations across the country. Never Say Die ended their set with “Porn Star Dancing,” another My Darkest Days song. Another Lost Year came onto the stage during this song for the “end of tour pranks,” which primarily involved a small bison statue on wheels.


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Another Lost Year began performing around 11 that night. The band pointed out a few different fans in the crowd, as well as calling out all of the Shiprockers- those who go on the concert cruise, Shiprocked- in the room. Another Lost Year was on the cruise this last January, and lead singer Cunanan was wearing a Shiprocked shirt to show his love towards the big group of Shiprockers in attendance at the show. Another Lost Year was one of those really talkative bands who spend a lot of time interacting with their fans. You could tell that they truly loved being on stage. They included a short cover of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” along with their own songs, including “Writing on the Wall” and “Bastard Sons.” Their last song was “War On the Inside,” which Reid Henry from Never Say Die came out to perform with them. The band and all of the Shiprockers in the room got on the stage to take a big group picture. Even though many had thought the show was over and had begun to leave, Another Lost Year played one more song, “Southern California,” before ending the night.


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