On December 18th, the Not-So-Silent Night Tour came to the Tally Ho Theatre in Leesburg, Virginia. Red Tide Rising, 9ELECTRIC, and Gemini Syndrome opened up for Drowning Pool for a show that continued to rock way past midnight on this Sunday night.

Red Tide Rising was the first band on that night. The band from Colorado played for about 30 minutes that night, wearing masks that covered most of their faces. Playing bass for the band was Jasen Moreno, lead singer of Drowning Pool. Their set included a cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World.”


Red Tide Rising Pictures

As soon as 9ELECTRIC took the stage, they began to blow the crowd away with their performance. This four piece group from an amazing live band, primarily due to all of their energy. The band’s members spent the whole set running around, and it seemed like they spent more time off of the stage than on it. Lead singer Thunderwood crowd surfed at one point and rode through the crowd on another man’s shoulders- all while still singing. They played their new single, “The Damaged Ones,” which is the title track off of their debut album.


9ELECTRIC Pictures

Gemini Syndrome took the stage a bit late, but the crowd was definitely ready for them. Most of the audience was singing along for their whole set. This was Gemini Syndrome’s last night on the tour, so members from Red Tide Rising and 9ELECTRIC came out during their set a couple of times to prank them. Gemini Syndrome played songs off of their new album, Memento Mori, including “Remember We Die.” During their last song, “Stardust,” lead singer Aaron Nordstrom went into the crowd to sing along with all of their fans.


Gemini Syndrome Pictures

Finally, Drowning Pool came on. They opened their set with “Sinner”. The band performed songs from five of their albums, including “We Are the Devil,” “Feel Like I Do,” and “37 Stitches.” Drowning Pool ended the night a truly special performance of “Bodies.” Members from all three of the other bands came on stage to help Drowning Pool play their last song. The band also invited anybody in the crowd wearing one of their shirts to come up on stage and sing along. This show may have been the last of 2016 for many people that night, and it was such a great way to end the year.


Drowning Pool Pictures


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