On November 21st, Crown The Empire and blessthefall came to Baltimore Soundstage. It was a cold Monday night, but the venue soon heated up. Opening the show were New Years Day, Too Close to Touch, and Light Up The Sky.

The room was still filling up when Light Up The Sky took the stage, but everybody crowded to the front when they came on. The four piece band was only able to play five songs during their set, but they got the audience to move and jump around, warming them up for the rest of the bands that night.


Light Up The Sky Pictures

Too Close to Touch performed next. They only had the time to play five songs, but they had the first crowd surfers of the night. Lead singer Keaton Pierce got off the stage during their last song, “Sympathy”, to finish off the set down by the audience.


Too Close to Touch Pictures

Up next was New Years Day. Even though they were one of the opening bands, a large portion of the audience were their fans, and they gained many more that night. The five piece band did not disappoint with their performance. The band encouraged the crowd to move around. Before beginning their third song, “Malevolence”, lead singer Ash Costello waited to start until there was a large circle pit going. They ended their set with “Defame Me”, off of their most recent album, Malevolence.


New Years Day Pictures

As soon as blessthefall began their set, the crowd began singing along to every word. The band, from Scottsdale, Arizona, played songs off of two of albums, including “You Wear a Crown But You’re No King” and “Oathbreaker”. Lead singer Beau Bokan said that this was their best show in Baltimore ever. He also got off the stage to sing along with the crowd during their last song, “Hollow Bodies.”


blessthefall Pictures

Finally, Crown The Empire came on. They opened their set with “SK-68,” which led into “Are You Coming with Me?” both of which are off of their newest album, Retrograde. While most of their set consisted of songs off of that album, they did play a few songs off of both of their previous releases, including “The Fallout,” the title track off of their debut album. After that song, the band stepped off the stage for a few minutes, only to come back to perform an encore of “Machines.”


Crown The Empire Pictures


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