Icon For Hire performed in Washington, DC, for the first time ever on November 10th. Stitched Up Heart also performed with them at Songbyrd Music House and Record Café in Adams Morgan for the You Can’t Kill Us Tour, named in honor of Icon For Hire’s upcoming album.

Although they only played for about half an hour, Stitched Up Heart’s set was full of energy. The five-piece band took over the small stage with their headbanging and getting the packed room to move with them. All of the members paid attention to the crowd, first bumping them and grabbing their hands. During their last song, “Monster,” off of their Never Alone, lead singer Mixi got off the stage to crowd surf over the crowd.


Stitched Up Heart Pictures

Icon For Hire immediately brought the small, dark room to life as soon as they took the stage. They opened their set with “Supposed To Be,” which is a song off of their upcoming album, You Can’t Kill Us, which will be released on November 25th. They then launched into “Iodine,” a song off of their 2011 debut album, Scripted. Before they began “Rock and Roll Thugs,” lead singer Ariel left the stage to bring out a flag saying “the music is in my blood,” a line from the song. Ariel also got the crowd to chant “you’re not listening, you don’t understand,” another line from the song, before they started to play it. Throughout their set, Icon For Hire interacted with their fans. Ariel pointed the microphone at some and had them sing along, and guitarist Shawn Jump grabbed the phone of a girl who was filming a video and recorded some of what was going on up on the stage for her. Before “Now You Know,” the band pulled three girls out of the crowd and had them stand on the stage to sing along for the song. Towards the end of “Make A Move,” confetti shot out over the crowd, and there was a short guitar and drum solo before the band stepped off the stage. They came back to perform a one song encore consisting of “Off With Her Head,” also off of their first album. A mosh pit broke out during the last song, which ended with a drum solo.


Icon For Hire Pictures


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