Beartooth at Baltimore Soundstage

Beartooth at Baltimore Soundstage

On October 27th, Beartooth came to Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, Maryland, with Every Time I Die, Fit For A King, and Old Wounds. This Thursday was a special night of the tour, as Beartooth’s set was being live streamed through Live Nation TV. Those who were unable to make the show were able to watch Beartooth perform from the comfort of their own homes.

Old Wounds started off the night. The band played for about half an hour and got the crowd to start moshing. The five piece band performed with a lot of energy, constantly jumping around the stage while they performed.


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Fit For A King immediately began their set with lead singer Ryan Kirby saying that they had seven songs and half an hour. They played a few songs off of their new album, Deathgrip. The band had the first crowd surfers of the night, and they also got the crowd to move around and jump.


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The audience also moved around a lot during Every Time I Die. The band thanked Beartooth for bringing them out and giving them the opportunity to play in front of new fans. The band continually moved around during their forty five minute set. Guitarist Jordan Buckley even got off the stage to play guitar while crowd surfing.


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To close out the night, Beartooth took the stage. They opened their set with “Burnout,” off of their new album, Aggressive. Throughout the band’s performance, the fans sang along so loudly that they could be heard over the music. Guitarist Kam Bradbury jumped off the stage and began to crowd surf while still playing. Partway through the set, Beartooth played their current single, “Hated,” before going into what lead singer Caleb Shomo called a short intermission. They also played “I Have A Problem,” which was the first song the band ever released. Beartooth included drum and guitar solos during “Rock Is Dead.” After “In Between”, the band stepped off the stage before coming back on to perform a two song encore. The first song of the encore was “King of Anything,” which Shomo performed the first part of by himself before the rest of the band joined him. Beartooth ended the night with “Body Bag,” with nearly everybody in the room singing along with it.


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Red at GenXaret

Red at GenXaret

Currently, Red is touring across the United States in honor of the ten year anniversary of their first studio album, End of Silence. On the tour are also openers Random Hero, Spoken, and Disciple. The tour came to GenXaret in Columbia, Maryland, on October 22nd.

First on the stage was Random Hero, a four piece band from Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, they only had a short, five song set, but they definitely got the crowd warmed up. Lead singer Aaron Watkins encouraged fans to take selfies with the band performing. Watkins also had the audience to crouch down, low to the ground, in order to quickly jump back up and move around to the song.


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Up next was Spoken. During their six song set, lead singer Matt Baird made sure to make use of all of the space on the stage. Baird also continually grabbed hands of fans up front, singing along with them. The band made sure to thank the audience for coming out to watch their set, and dedicated a song to all of their fans.


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Disciple began their 45 minute set with “Dear X (You Don’t Own Me).” The crowd was immediately singing along. Disciple got much of the audience to stand up and rock out with them. Lead singer Kevin Young even led the crowd in some stretches before telling everyone to headbang during the next song. Disciple played a few songs off of their new album, Long Live the Rebels, which was released on October 14th.


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To close out the night, Red introduced their set by playing a recording of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.” The band then came on the stage to start playing “Wasting Time.” The band had a great amount of energy during their set, with all of the members jumping around while performing. Michael Barnes, Red’s lead singer, paid attention to the crowd. He stopped to pose for selfies with people up front and noticed fan art that someone had brought. The set included “Pieces,” off of End of Silence, performed acoustically. Red also covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” by Nirvana. During “Take Me Over,” Barnes jumped off the stage and roamed around the crowd to get closer to the fans. After playing “Breathe Into Me,” Red left the stage for a couple of minutes before coming back to perform an encore consisting of “Shadows” and “Darkest Part.”


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Skillet at The Fillmore Silver Spring

Skillet at The Fillmore Silver Spring

On Thursday, October 13th, Skillet’s Unleashed tour came to the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. Sick Puppies and Devour The Day opened the show. All of the bands played to a nearly sold out crowd. The audience was various diverse in age, with everybody from toddlers to grandparents present.

Devour The Day took the stage first. The four-piece band opened their set with “S.O.A.R.,” the title track off of their second album, which was released this past April. The band continued into “Good Man,” off of their first album, Time & Pressure. As that song came to a close, lead singer Blake Allison got off the stage to stand by the barricade and sing along with the crowd. Devour The Day made sure to play their newest single, “The Bottom,” a song that they just made a music video for. Towards the end of their 30 minute set, the band thanked the crowd for coming out early to catch their set, and said that Silver Spring was the best crowd so far on their whole tour. Devour The Day ended their set with “Respect,” off of their first album.


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Sick Puppies began their performance with “War,” off of their album Tri-Polar. Throughout their ten song set, the Australian band included four songs off of their newest album, Fury, which was released earlier this year. During “Where Do I Begin,” Sick Puppies made sure that the crowd sang along. Sick Puppies also performed an older song, “All the Same,” from Dressed Up as Life. The band closed their set with “’You’re Going Down,” which was definitely a fan favorite.



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Skillet started their set by immediately launching into a new song, “Feel Invincible,” which is currently being played on radio stations across the country. The band is touring for their new album, Unleashed, which was released in August. After their first song, Skillet continued into “Whispers in the Dark.” During their set, lead singer and bassist John Cooper called out one of the audience members he had met earlier, and dedicated “Back From the Dead” to him. For a couple of the songs, the band members performed while on moving platforms on the stage that raised them up and down. The band also brought a cellist out to perform the strings parts on a few songs, including “Awake and Alive,” “Comatose,” and “The Last Night.” Towards the end of “Undefeated,” guitarist Seth Morrison went into a powerful guitar solo. During “Those Nights,” Cooper got off the stage and went to the crowd to have them sing along. A fan towards the back of the crowd was holding up a poster stating that this show was their 56th Skillet show, and Cooper made sure to recognize them for their dedication. Skillet ended their set with “Rebirthing,” but came back on the stage to finally end the night with “The Resistance” for an encore.


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