On August 31st, 2016 Art of Dying came to Fish Head Cantina, in Halethorpe, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. With them were Children 18:3 and Letters From The Fire, as well as local bands Cloudleap and Ignite The Fire. This was the first night of the tour promoting Art of Dying’s new EP, which was released on September 2nd. The rest of their tour dates can be found here.

Cloudleap and Ignite The Fire were the two local bands performing at this show. The first of those two played for about 15 minutes, getting the crowd warmed up and excited for the rest of the night. This four-piece Baltimore-area band packed their short set full of energy. Next was Ignite The Fire, who mentioned that they had played so much at Fish Head Cantina, that it felt like a second home to them. Their set last a bit longer than half an hour, and included covers of Red’s “Feed The Machine” and Disturbed’s “Down With The Sickness.” This band got many people in the audience to leave their tables and stand in the crowd, as well as get closer to the stage. Before they finished, Ignite The Fire made sure to mention their new single, “Over It,” which is available for download on iTunes.


Cloudleap Pictures


Ignite The Fire Pictures

Letters From The Fire started their set by encouraging everybody in their seats to get up and join the crowd. Included in their set was their song “Mother Misery.” The band mentioned their album, Worth the Pain, which is coming out on September 9th. Unfortunately, Letters From The Fire was only able to perform for about 15 minutes, due to technical difficulties associated with this show being the first on the tour.


Letters From The Fire Pictures

Children 18:3 began their time with a burst of energy. Right as they played the first note, short-lasting flames sprung off two of the cymbals on their drum set. During all 25 of the minutes they had on the stage, all three of the members performed with a ton of energy, dancing around the stage continuously. As their second-to-last song, “Afterall”, came to an end, drummer Seth Hostetter launched into a drum solo, which had the audience participating by clapping along.


Children 18:3 Pictures

Finally, Art of Dying took the stage. Their set began with “Somethings Never Change,” off of their newest album, Rise Up, that was released in 2015. The band then launched into two songs off of their debut album, Vices and Virtues, that came out in 2011. During “Get Thru This” lead singer, Jonny Hetherington, got close to the crowd, fist-bumping a few of the audience members close to him. Before starting “You Don’t Know Me,” Hetherington asked how many people were seeing Art of Dying for the first time, and how many had seen them before. The majority of the crowd had seen them before. Next was another newer song, “Tear Down The Wall,” that many may have heard on the Sirius XM hard rock satellite radio station, Octane. During their performance of “Raining,” Hetherington got off the stage and went into the crowd to sing along with the audience. The band then pulled three bar stools up on the stage to sit on while they played their next two songs, “Best I Can” and “Broken Wings,” acoustically. After that Art of Dying played a couple of more songs off of Rise Up, “Everything” and “Rise Up.” Their next song, “Completely,” was dedicated to all of their long-time fans, and it contained an instrumental solo in the middle of it. The band ended the set with two songs off of Vices and Virtues, “Sorry” and “Die Trying.” Many fans knew the words to both of those and sang along loudly, knowing that the night was about to come to a close. As their show came to an end, the band thanked the crowd for coming out, and went to their merch table to meet all of their fans.


Art of Dying Pictures


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