This spring, Memphis May Fire and We Came As Romans embarked on a co-headlining tour. The run started on April 26th, in Baltimore, Maryland, at Baltimore Soundstage. Also on the tour were Miss May I and For Today, along with a local band for the night, Minds Like Mirrors. The show that night began promptly at 6:25, ensuring that there was enough time for all of the bands to perform. The first three sets, although short, worked to get the crowd moving and warmed up for the headliners.


Minds Like Mirrors Pictures


For Today Pictures


Miss May I Pictures

A few minutes before the lights went down ahead of We Came As Romans taking the stage, venue staff threw a few water bottles into the crowd, making sure that the audience was hydrated and cool. The nearly sold out room was getting quite warm for most people, particularly those who had been moshing and crowd surfing during the previous sets. Before the band came on, a bit of fog came out around the stage. For the whole set, We Came As Romans performed with as much energy as possible. They started their set off with “Regenerate,” a song off of their newest, self-titled album. The band stated that they would be including songs off of all four of their full-length albums in their set, and they came through on that promise. Partway through their set, lead singer Kyle Pavone got off the stage and continued the song while standing on the barricade by the crowd. Their hour long set included songs such as “To Move On Is To Grow,” “Ghosts,” and “Tracing Back Roots.” As their time came to an end, We Came As Romans closed their set with a single off of their 2013 release, Tracing Back Roots, “Hope.”


We Came As Romans Pictures

Soon after We Came As Romans ended, Memphis May Fire took the stage for the next hour. The five piece band from Dallas, Texas, started off with “Beneath the Skin,” off of their album from 2014, Unconditional. Their set included 13 songs off of three of their full length albums and one of their EPs. During that hour, the crowd kept moving, and so did the band. The set included older songs, such as “Be Careful What You Wish For,” along with newer ones like “No Ordinary Love.” Memphis May Fire closed out the night by playing “Vices,” off of their release from 2012, Challenger.


Memphis May Fire Pictures


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