Over a bit more than a week ago, the Fight for Something Tour began in Chicago, Illinois. The tour features headliners Set It Off and Tonight Alive, as well as opening acts The Ready Set and SayWeCanFly. The tour came to Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, Maryland on March 8th.

At around 6:30 that Tuesday night, SayWeCanFly took the stage. Even though they were the first group on the stage, many fans in the crowd sang along for the whole six-song set. Braden Barrie even had the audience sing the end of the last song, “Intoxicated I Love You.”

The Ready Set took the stage next. The five-piece band all had a lot of energy, continually jumping around the whole set. Many people in the audience knew the lyrics of the second song that they played, “Love Like Woe.” The band made sure to mention that their new album was coming out soon, on April 8th. During their last song, “Give Me Your Hand,” a couple of people even crowd surfed to the front of the venue.

Tonight Alive started their set with “To Be Free,” a song off their new album, Limitless, which was released on March 4th. Their setlist included an acoustic section, in which they played “Complexes,” requested by fans, and an extended version of “The Other Side.” The longer version of the song did not make it on to their album by the same name, which was released in 2013. Before their set ended, lead singer Jenna McDougall gave a short speech about how everybody has a purpose in the world and that everyone has the power to change their own lives. Tonight Alive ended their set with “Lonely Girl,” also off of their 2013 release.

Set It Off began to play at 9:30 that night. They started their 13 song set with “Forever Stuck In Our Youth,” off of their 2014 album Duality. Set It Off’s performance was filled with energy, and the band seemed to be having fun on stage. Lead singer Cody Carson got off the stage and stood on the barrier against the audience and crowd surfed multiple times throughout the time that the band had. Set It Off ended the night with another song off of Duality, “Why Worry.”


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