Hinder at Baltimore Soundstage

Hinder at Baltimore Soundstage

On Friday, January 8th, Hinder came to Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, Maryland. Shaman’s Harvest, Within Reason, and Revolve opened up the show that night. The tour was supposed to have happened in in November, but was cancelled due to Hinder being involved in a tour bus accident. Due to the cold weather at the rescheduled date, not many fans lined up outside the venue before the doors opened, but the venue slowly filed throughout the night. The club soon heated up, protecting the fans against the cold outside.

Right at 8 P.M., Revolve took the stage. The crowd was still growing at that time, and not many people seemed to be getting that into the set. Lead singer Thommy Michaels encouraged the crowd to yell and to get loud. He even called out specific people sitting on the side of the venue, having them clap their hands and make some noise. During their six song set, Revolve got the crowd prepared for the rest of the bands that night.

Within Reason’s set began with an introduction taken from a song by Linkin Park, “When They Come For Me.” Their six song set included a cover of “Ayo Technology,” originally done by 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake. The band had to cut their set short due to their allotted time, but they made sure to thank the audience for coming out early and catching their set. Within Reason ended their set with another cover, this time of Linkin Park’s “Lost In The Echo.”

Next up was Shaman’s Harvest. Many of the people in the audience came out to the show specifically to see them, and they didn’t disappoint. Their set included both an instrumental period and a guitar solo. Even people in the crowd who had never listened to the band before were singing along to their cover of “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson. The last of the nine songs they performed was their 2009 single “Dragonfly,” one that many people in the venue knew and enjoyed.

The last band of the night was Hinder. The audience had mixed reactions about their set. In 2013, the band lost their original lead singer. Many fans had a hard time adjusting to the new vocalist, Marshal Dutton. Some fans didn’t even know of the switch, creating a bit of surprise when the band took the stage, causing a few to leave the venue before the show was over. The five members of Hinder all performed with a great amount of energy. The band made sure to bring the crowd into the show, with Dutton jumping off of the stage to get closer to the crowd. Much of the audience had a fun time, singing along to the songs that they had been listening to for years.