On Saturday, December 19th, The Relapse Symphony had their first headlining show at The Canal Club in Richmond, Virginia. This holiday hometown show gave them a chance to perform a longer set with older songs. Many fans traveled at least a few hours in order to make the show. The concert began with local bands Idiot Proof and GI9, as well as Phantoms. All three bands got the crowd moving and excited for the next band to take the stage.

A minute before 8:30, The Relapse Symphony took the stage. The band immediately started with their instrumental introduction, “The Beginning.” Once lead singer Bret Von Dehl walked onto the stage, they began “A Perfect Lie.” From the first word to the last, fans in the crowd were singing along. Most of the people in the crowd had been supporting the band for years, and they knew what an important milestone this show was in the band’s career. The band and the whole crowd kept moving throughout the whole ten song set. The set list included a cover of The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop.” The band played songs off of their first EP and two albums, including their newest, Born To Burn. During one of their songs, “We Are The Broken,” Von Dehl invited fans on stage to sing along with the band. Many fans jumped up, leaving the mosh pit that broke out sporadically throughout the show. The Relapse Symphony closed up their set with “Panic! (Time’s Running Out),” ending their first headlining set with one of their oldest songs. It was obvious that everybody, from the audience to the bands, had a perfect night filled with music.


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