On Sunday, December 13th, The Order Of Things came to Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Maryland. The headliner, All That Remains, was supported by Devour The Day, Audiotopsy, and Sons of Texas. The venue expected a wild show and took precautions against it, making sure to stamp every attendee’s left forearm with a “no crowd surfing” stamp as a warning. Based on the amount of tickets sold before doors opened, not that many people were anticipated to show up. The large balcony in the venue were closed off to people walking around during the show. Fans still had fun, moshing along to each of the four bands that night.

The first band on the stage was Sons of Texas. They had a few fans in the crowd singing along to the six songs that they played that night. At the start of their third song, the band’s guitarist got off the stage and began playing the song in the space between the stage and the crowd, helping to further draw fans into the show. They made sure to play one of their singles, “Baptized In the Rio Grande,” which many people had heard on the Sirius XM radio station Octane. The band thanked the radio station for playing their songs, as well as all the fans for listening and coming out early to catch their set.

Next was Audiotopsy. This four piece group consists of members from other bands, such as Skrape, Mudvayne, and Hellyeah. The band got the crowd even more warmed up, calling out a few people for “trying” to start a mosh pit. With the band’s encouragement, a pit broke out a couple of times in the latter half of their six song set. Even with a few technical mishaps with the sound, the band still had fans moving the whole time they were on stage.

The third band on was Devour The Day. The band from Memphis, Tennessee had many fans in the crowd and there was a mosh pit in the center of the crowd for most of their set. There was even one crowd surfer, breaking the rule given by the venue. It was obvious that the band paid attention to the crowd. They called out one man in the front row who looked bored, and they encouraged him to get into the music. During their last song, “Good Man,” lead singer Blake Allison got off the stage and stood on the barricade against the crowd. Devour The Day performed both old and new songs during their nine song set.

All That Remains was the last band that night. They played 14 songs during their set, which lasted about 50 minutes. The stage was well lit up, but the lights may have been too much, causing people standing close to the stage and in the back of the venue to not be able to see well. The band played songs off of six of their albums, including their current single, “Victory Lap.” A music video was recently released for the song. Lead singer Philip Labonte leaned off the stage to grab the hands of members of the audience as they sang along with him. The band ended with “Two Weeks,” bringing the weekend to a close.


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