On Wednesday, November 25th, 2015, the Supervillains Tour came to The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. This tour had headliners Falling In Reverse, as well as Attila, Metro Station, and Assuming We Survive. Even though the show was on the night before Thanksgiving, a good number of fans lined up outside the venue hours before doors were set to open. The show did not sell that well though. About 800 tickets were sold for the 2,000-capacity venue. As fans were entering The Fillmore, one of the security guards remarked that it seemed like there were 600 girls for every 200 guys that went through the doors. Once inside, there seemed to be a pretty even divide between the genders.

The first band on was Assuming We Survive. The five-piece group from California spent a lot of their six song set interacting with the crowd. Lead singer Adrian Estrella came off the stage and stood on the barricade by the audience during parts of multiple songs. After the set, the members of the band could be seen walking around the venue. Though they were the band that the least amount of people in the crowd had heard of, Assuming We Survive had gained many new fans by the end of the crowd.

Up next was Metro Station. Many people knew this band due to their 2008 single, “Shake It,” which peaked in the top-ten on three US charts. The band is Trace Cyrus, the brother of Miley Cyrus, and Mason Musso, the brother of Mitchel Musso. The band broke up in 2010, but reformed in 2014. They were on Vans Warped Tour during summer 2015, gaining many new fans in the scene. Their new album, Savior, features “Getting Over You,” a single with Ronnie Radke, lead singer of Falling In Reverse. During their set at The Fillmore, Metro Station played seven songs, ending the performance with their hit single, “Shake It.” That was one of the songs by them that most of the crowd knew, but they made the most of it, dancing and singing along to the words they’ve known for the past seven years. After the show, when asked how it went, Musso said “great,” and Cyrus said that it went fantastic, proving that it was a good night for all.

The third band on was Attila. The four members from Atlanta, Georgia, made sure to mention the last time that they had performed a show in Maryland, making the fans feel loved and remembered. Attila said that this had been the best show of the tour, due to the immense amount of crowd participation that they had. Lead singer Chris “Fronz” Fronzak asked for as many people as possible to crowd surf, saying he would high-five them when they got to the front of the venue. He also told the crowd to start various types of mosh pits, such as circle pits and a wall of death. The 11 songs that they played came from all four of their albums. They were the only band that night that referenced the holiday the next day. Even though many people had to spend the next day with their families, celebrating Thanksgiving, fans still put all their energy forth during Attila’s set.

The headlining band of the night was Falling In Reverse. They started their set with “God, If You Are Above…” off of their newest album, Just Like You. For that song, there was a white curtain covering the stage, leaving the crowd with only silhouettes of the band. After that song, the curtain came down, reveal all five members of the band from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the audience. The 16 songs played that night came from all three of the band’s albums, along with two covers from lead singer Ronnie Radke’s previous band, Escape The Fate. For one of those songs, “Situations,” Radke kept starting the song over and over again until the crowd screamed the lyrics back as loud as they could. At another point in the set, Radke warned fans to get ready as they were about to play their heaviest song. That was all a joke, as the band went into a song from their 2013 album, Fashionably Late, the pop-influenced “Bad Girls Club.” On November 30th, right before the tour started on November 4th, it was announced that lead guitarist Jacky Vincent was leaving the band. This tour was the fans’ first taste of his replacement, Christian Thompson. During the 16 songs that they played, the audience was able to see Falling In Reverse perform at their best and know that the band will always prevail.


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