Doyle at Jammin’ Java

Doyle at Jammin’ Java

Jammin’ Java got the year started off right with Doyle performing there on January 2nd. The club in Vienna, Virginia, was filled with metal and punk fans of all ages, ready to warm up on this cold Wednesday night. Local bands PAIN!, Red Chief’s Rising, UNKNOWN, and Nature Freak also played.

Doyle is the band of Misfits’ guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. They started their set before the whole band even came on stage. Besides drummer Wade Murff, the rest of the band began their first song, “Abominator,” while still backstage and out of sight. Their whole set was very fast paced, with 12 songs packed into the hour that they played for. The set list covered songs from both of Doyle’s albums, including “Dreamingdeadgirls,” “Cemeterysexxx,” and “Kiss Me as We Die.” Towards the end of the set, lead singer Alex “Wolfman” Story started climbing around and ended up dangling from the rafters above the stage. Doyle closed with “Hope Hell Is Warm.” The show ended a bit abruptly, but the fans stayed gathered around the stage, possibly hoping for more music and good times before the night was over.


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Like Moths to Flames at Baltimore Soundstage

Like Moths to Flames at Baltimore Soundstage

On December 5th, Like Moths to Flames brought their tour to Baltimore Soundstage in Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. Opening up the show were Oceans Ate Alaska, Phinehas, Novelists, and local band Artifacts.

For all of Like Moth’s to Flame’s set, the crowd was moving, jumping and moshing around. Even though their pits weren’t as wild as the previous bands’, more people seemed to be pushing around for the hour that they played. Their set lasted for about an hour, and included songs spanning a good chunk of their career, including five songs off of their 2017 release, Dark Divine. Lead singer Chris Roetter mentioned that this was Like Moths to Flame’s first time headlining Baltimore Soundstage, and that he thought it was the biggest crowd of the tour. He dedicated “Bury Your Pain” to all of the Ravens fans in the crowd that Wednesday night. After that song, the band left the stage, but came back for an encore after a chant of “one more song” started in the crowd. Like Moths to Flames finished their set with “GNF,” closing up the night with one last mosh pit.

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Julien-K at Fish Head Cantina

Julien-K at Fish Head Cantina

Julien-K came to Fish Head Cantina on Friday, August 3rd. They were supported by local bands Indianhead, Never Say Die, and Hollowed Sky in Halethorpe, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore.

A few minutes later, Julien-K came on the stage to a wall of smoke and the sound of a siren. Everybody got off of their seats and came closer to the stage, with only a few stragglers hanging out in the back throughout the night. The set opened with “Flashpoint Riot,” off of their 2012 release, We’re Here With You. Between their songs, their singer Ryan Shuck talked to the crowd and cracked some jokes. He even made a point to say that they were playing in Halethorpe, instead of saying the venue is in Baltimore like most bands do. The band seemed to be appreciative of their fans. Even though the crowd wasn’t that big, Julien-K still played like they were performing at a sold out arena.


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Loudwire’s Gen X Summer Tour at MECU Pavilion

Loudwire’s Gen X Summer Tour at MECU Pavilion

On Saturday, July 7th, Loudwire’s Gen X Summer Tour came to Baltimore, MD. They played at MECU Pavilion, formerly known as Pier Six Pavilion, a small amphitheater right on the water in Inner Harbor. The tour featured P.O.D., Lit, and Alien Ant Farm, as well as headliners Buckcherry.

First up on the stage that night was Alien Ant Farm. They played for about half an hour, and definitely got the crowd warmed up, interacting with them throughout the set. They of course closed with their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal,” but wrapped the song up with an instrumental jam that lasted a couple of minutes.

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Lit opened their set with a cover of “American Girl,” originally done by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. During their set, the band mentioned that they fondly remember watching a video of a full Van Halen set in Baltimore in the 80s. They ended their set with “My Own Worst Enemy,” which got nearly everybody in the seats to stand up and sing along.


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As soon as they started, P.O.D. got the crowd moving, launching right into “Boom.” During “Youth of the Nation,” the band brought two kids up on stage, leaving them with memories that will hopefully last them a lifetime. The band played a couple of new songs in their set before ending with “Alive.”


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Finally, Buckcherry came on the stage right at 10:00. They came on the stage to a recording of “Jump Around” by House of Pain. As that faded out, lead singer Josh Todd grabbed a tambourine, and the band went into “Ridin’.” Their set lasted for about an hour, and they played both old and new favorites, including “Lit Up,” “For The Movies,” “Sorry,” and “Gluttony.” Buckcherry also covered Icona Pop’s “Say Fuck It.” The band mentioned that they will be recording a new album in September, and they played a new song off of it, called “The Vacuum.” During probably their most well-known song, “Crazy Bitch,” Todd introduced the rest of the members of the band. Unfortunately, the set had to end after that, due to the venue having a strict curfew, and the band walked off the stage to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”


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From Ashes To New at Baltimore Soundstage

From Ashes To New at Baltimore Soundstage

On June 16th, the What’s In Your Head Tour came to Baltimore, Maryland. Co-headliners Bad Wolves and From Ashes To New stopped by Baltimore Soundstage that Saturday night with Diamante. Local band Ignite The Fire opened the show.

When From Ashes To New took the stage, vocalist Matt Brandyberry came on first, followed by drummer Mat Madiro. They immediately launched into “The Future”, the title track off of their new album, while vocalist Danny Case and guitarist Lance Dowdle joined them. Throughout their set, the band members all interacted with each other, and they took the time to connect with the crowd, telling some short stories between songs. During “Forgotten,” everybody lit up the venue with their cell phones, while Danny got off the stage and sang down by the barricade. While the 14 song set was primarily focused on their newest release, From Ashes To New did include some older songs, including “My Fight,” “Downfall,” and “Breaking Now.” The band did a tribute to Chester Bennington, mashing up Linkin Park’s “Heavy,” and “Papercut.” The band noticed that there was a young fan in the crowd sitting on somebody’s shoulders, and pulled her up on stage for “Nowhere to Run.” Lance kept playing guitar when he got off the stage and crowd surfed for a bit. Unfortunately, From Ashes To New had to end their set after about 55 minutes of music. They closed with “Through It All,” an older song that had everybody singing along.

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Palisades at Metro Gallery

Palisades at Metro Gallery

Palisades came to Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland on December 21st. Blindwish opened for them on this tour, and local bands Awake At Last and Ignite The Fire also played on this date.

After a bit of a long instrumental introduction, Palisades finally took the stage. They opened with “Aggression,” the first song off of their new, self-titled album. Once they finished the first song, lead singer Louis Miceli said that they were going to play that whole album, front to back. They immediately launched into the next song, “Cold Heart (Warm Blood).” Towards the middle of their set, Palisades did play some older ones, such as “Outcasts” and “Mind Games.” They resumed their newest album with “Dark.” For this song, the venue turned all the house lights off, and the room was lit by everybody’s cell phone flashlights. The next song was “Through Hell,” one of their singles off of the album. Palisades finished off their album by playing more songs, such as “Memories,” “Hard Feelings,” and “Dancing With Demons.” After playing “Personal,” the band stated that they had only one more song left to play. They said that they wanted to give us 110% on this one, and that they did. Palisades ended the night with “Let Down.” Like others in the audience, this was my last concert in 2017, and it was definitely a great way to end a year of amazing shows.


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As It Is at Baltimore Soundstage

As It Is at Baltimore Soundstage

On December 2nd, As It Is played to a nearly sold out crowd at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, Maryland. Waterparks headlined the show, and Chapel and Sleep On It opened.

As It Is opened their set with “Okay”, the title-track off of their newest album, which was released this past January. The majority of the songs that the band played were off of that album. From the start of their set until the end, most of the room was singing along. During “Cheap Shots & Setbacks,” Sleep On It’s lead singer, Zech Pluister came out to sing with the band. During the next song, “No Way Out,” the band got a circle pit started in the crowd. As It Is played “Can’t Save Myself,” which they said was their first real music video. The band played “Pretty Little Distance” and “Hey Rachel” before going into a short drum solo. After that, As It Is ended their set with “Dial Tones.” Even though they only played for a bit more than half an hour, As It Is still put on a great show, and everybody watching them had a fun time.

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